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What the hell is this site about?

In this age can you imagine finding a domain that you like? Happiness and awe are my first reactions to "allthingsprogramming" a site dedicated to of-course all things programming.

I was always interested to start a blog for a better part of my life and never actually made an attempt to start it. When I started religiously following Werner Vogels's allthisdistributed I realized its time. But wait what is all things programming ? Is this a tutorial site ? is this a site where I teach programming ? HELL NO! We have enough of those already. Sites like UdemyEDX and Lynda are doing a great job. This is where I discuss programming concepts and code I encounter day to day to solve problems for work and personal projects. I generally use Python for the most part but any programmer would agree there is no such thing as language, its about the problems we are solving.

I understand this is kind of broad introduction so sit tight this is going to get better.